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  • Clinic Now Open

    Clinic Now Open

  • A revolving door of university leadership

    Dubai: In a country like the UAE, temporary home to a large transient expatriate population, leadership positions in various businesses often tend to see people come and go.

    Tertiary institutions in the UAE kick off the new academic yea

  • Over 500,000 ID cards distributed in six months

    Abu Dhabi:  More than 500,000 Emirates ID cards were distributed during the last six months of 2011, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) said on Saturday.

    These were part of the 1.78 million ID cards that had been handed over to cou

  • Election campaigns without a beat

    With less than a week to go for the Federal National Council (FNC) polls, we can say that we have not heard the loud beat of drums on the streets heralding the elections.

    Out of the 124 candidates in Dubai, only about 20 have been active